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Stewards of the Game Ballcap Logo

This is a proposed baseball cap logo for Stewards of the Game, a faith-based youth sports organization in the Lake Norman, NC area.

Logo design ©Phil Evans Graphic Design. All rights reserved.


L.A. Downtown Palms

An Altered Polaroid of Downtown Los Angeles taken on a beautiful evening in July 2008. As I sat in my rental car on an empty surface parking lot and started to alter the image, a man rolled up a street cart and started selling tacos. By the time I was finished, second shift workers from blocks around had gathered to buy their dinner. I find that urban experiences in L.A. often involve a car, parking (usually on a freeway) and a taco.

Altered Polaroid ©2008 Phil Evans. All rights reserved.


Licorice Kanga-Box

This retail box display is for 3 oz. bags of Aussie licorice. If you like soft licorice, Lucky Country is the best! This design uses the box's lower opening to correspond to the kangaroo's pouch (and really, who doesn't want soft licorice from a kangaroo's pouch?)

©2010 Phil Evans Graphic design. All rights reserved.


Brazil unveils 2014 World Cup logo

Just before the 2010 World Cup was completed Sunday, Brazil unveiled the logo for the 2014 World Cup. The design incorporates 3 hands forming the World Cup trophy. Ironically, the agency who created it is called Africa, who is based in Sao Paolo. (Can we make that copyright symbol a little bigger?)

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