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30 Logos in 30 Seconds

This is a video I created showing 30 of the logos I have designed over the years. Despite the music, there will be no rants by Alec Baldwin. 


Classica Logo

This is the logo for Classica, a luxury home builder in Charlotte. The Classica team started as Simonini Bulders, which won numerous national awards. The logo recently won a MAME (Major Achievement in Marketing Excellence) gold award for best logo by the Home Builders Association of Charlotte.

©2010 Phil Evans Graphic Design. All rights reserved.


Trilogy Homes Logo

This logo was created for Trilogy Homes, a new luxury home building company being formed last fall. We were working fast to meet certain market dates, but unfortunately the name had a last-minute conflict with another builder in the western states and had to be changed.

Logo design ©2010 Phil Evans Graphic Design. All rights reserved.


GAP Logo Fiasco

GAP introduced a new logo and everyone hated it. But in the heat of distancing themselves from the new logo, they announced they would crowdsource a new design, accepting submissions. Not that I'm a fan of crowdsourcing — I think a designer should be hired and paid — but I immediately had this idea of a sleek logo where the P would curve around and connect the A and G. By the time I had played around with it, GAP announced they would just revert back to the old logo, and sorry for bothering us. Oh, well.

Logo Design ©Phil Evans Graphic Design (unless you're interested, GAP?)


Stewards of the Game Ballcap Logo

This is a proposed baseball cap logo for Stewards of the Game, a faith-based youth sports organization in the Lake Norman, NC area.

Logo design ©Phil Evans Graphic Design. All rights reserved.